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Counselor's Message

Golden Crews, Counselor

My name is Golden Crews and I am one of the School Counselor’s at Mesa Linda Middle School.  We are here to work with students and their families in the areas of Academic, Personal/Social, and Career Development goals. Our position requires the ability to provide confidentiality to our students and represents a safe place for your child to talk without fear of repercussions. Students are able to see us before school, during their lunch, or after school. Only with permission from their teacher or an emergency do we have meetings with students during their instructional time. Our availability to parents or guardians is open door, but we always suggest setting an appointment as students come first.


The counseling department strives to assist all students with educational, personal, social, and career development goals. Services and activities are of a developmental nature in that they contribute to the school’s mission of educating the whole child. The counselor utilizes a number of research based techniques which are proactive and confidential in nature, while also responding to individual needs and situations. Counseling is provided individually, in a group, and with families. Topics include career, diversity, decision making, organization, anger management, anxiety, grief, substance abuse, self-esteem, and social/interpersonal needs. Typical approaches include, but are not limited to the following:

-Play/Art Therapeutic Experiences- role playing solutions

-Strengths Based Talk Therapy-use of individual strengths to manage and improve decision making

-Behavioral coaching-goal setting

-Therapeutic games-developing coping skills

-Conflict Resolution processes-working out disagreements

-Bibliotherapeutic Experiences-discussing texts relevant to student experience

Mr. Crews is credentialed with a Master’s Degree in Educational Counseling with a Pupil Personnel Services certification with additional clinical training to provide students with a safe adult to discuss academic, personal/social, and career topics with confidentiality. However, the school counselor is a mandated reporter and will only break that confidence solely using relevant information necessary to prevent harm to the student or harm to someone else.

Classroom Presentations

Title Topic
Flirting or Hurting Sexual Harassment Awareness
An Apple is An Apple Diversity
Career Tree Career Goals
Zombie Apocalypse Decision Making
A Perfect World Decision Making/Diversity
Striving Versus Surviving Decision Making/Peer Pressure
How I Learn Self-Awareness
Messy Bag Time Management/Organization

Group Sessions

Helping Girls with Relational Training

This is an 8 week course which helps young women explore what it means to be a healthy woman in today’s world. Topics explored include but are not limited to balancing their lives, facing challenges, meaningful relationships, self-confidence, humor, and self-acceptance.

Aggression Replacement Training

This is a 10 week course that helps teach students how to successfully gain control over anger and how to gain more personal power. Triggers will be discussed and ways to appropriately manage them.

Family Paradigm Change

This is a 10 week course which students who have experienced a change in their family to include separation, divorce, new family members, or the loss of a family member.

Handling Anxiety and Stress

This is an 8 week course which students gain awareness of their triggers, utilize modification skills, and decrease symptomology through use of relaxation, time management, communication, and self-talk strategies.


Study Skills

How to Study

Study Guides & Strategies

Homework Help

Learning Games& Homework Help for Kids

Test Taking Tips

Tips to reduce testing anxiety

Resources on Bullying

Parenting- Anti Drug

LGBTQ Support

It gets better

The Trevor Project (Suicide Prevention for LGBTQ youth)

Anti-Bullying Info for LGBTQ Youth

Support for youth struggling with gender identity

STEM Based Websites

Pathways to Technology


Try Engineering

Weather Wiz Kids

CSI: Web Adventures

I-SEEK Careers: Science, technology, engineering and mathematics

Ion Future

Healthy Relationships

Peer Pressure